Shastri Krishan Joshi

Shastri Krishan Joshi (Pujari)

Our Temple priest (“Pujari” in Hindi) name is Shashtri Shree Krishan Joshi. He was educated in Hardiwar under the auspices of Swami Satyamitranand Giri of Bharat Mata Mandir, where he qualified with a graduation (Shashtri) degree in Sanskrit from the University of Banaras. During this time, he was also taught in religious rituals and rites of the Hindu faith, it’s teachings and philosophy.

He is serving to our temple since 2000 and since then he took the responsibility of conducting religious rituals and activities in appropriate Hindu Vedic manner in the temple. The whole Hindu religious scene in our temple took a turn for the better and the whole community has benefited tremendously.

Our Shashtri Ji also provides many different services including Havans, Poojas, Katha, astrology, other religious ritual activities & functions. He is also specializing in wedding ceremonies.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday:

9am to 11:30am (Aarti at 9:30am)5:30pm to 7:30pm (Aarti at 7:00pm)


11:00am to 1:00pm (Aarti at 1:00pm)


10:30am to 1:30pm (Aarti at 1:00pm)

Every Tuesday

6:30pm to 7:00pm Hanuman Chalisa Recital

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