How to donate to the Hindu Religious Society

All donations to the Hindu Religious Society go towards the costs of running Radha Krishna Mandir and our Relocation projects. We’ve made it easy for you to donate to the mandir via the JustGiving platform.

Make a Donation

To make a donation to the Mandir’s running costs and relocation project, please click the button below.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a Government scheme that allows charities, like the HRS, to claim an extra 25p for each £1 donated by UK tax payers. This is at no extra cost to the donor! When you make a donation via Just Giving (using the buttons above) you will have the option to allow us to claim Gift Aid on your donations.
If you also make donations directly to the Mandir (for example, in person or by cheque) then we need your consent to claim Gift Aid on your behalf. You can give consent easily by completing the form below, or you can download a Gift Aid form to print and post back to us.
Thank you!