Mandir Relocation Project

Our Temple has been at Gandhi Hall for over 50 years. We have enjoyed the use of this premises, and it has served us well for over half a century. However, our needs as a community have evolved, and we feel the time has come for us to look forward to a new era…

A new era of change

As a tenant of Gandhi Hall, we share the premises with other organisations and are therefore restricted as well as unable to make changes to suit our needs. The premises are small – with limited car parking – and no prospect of expansion. Due to our location in a cul-de-sac, we have remained largely undiscovered by a hugely growing Hindu population in Greater Manchester.

Therefore, our congregation has slowly declined in numbers – which directly translates to diminishing revenue and the resulting lack of investment. We must evolve and improve with time, and provide adequate facilities for our devotees – a place for community to congregate and connect.

Our Vision

We are proposing to relocate our beautiful Mandir to a completely new premises which will allow us to fulfil many needs of our growing Hindu community:

  • A Mandir — large enough to accommodate future growth in our congregation — and all the associated space for dining hall, kitchen etc.
  • A Function Hall — available for hire.
  • (Class) Rooms for Cultural and Spiritual classes/activities for all — e.g., Hindi classes for children, Yoga for all.
  • Meeting rooms for our senior citizens.
  • Indoor/outdoor facilities for sports and Yagyas.
  • A Library/Exhibition/Study room for visiting Schools/Colleges etc.

Our aim is to move our Temple to a prominent, high-visibility location, well-served by public transport and supported by ample parking on
the premises as well as nearby. The new location will ideally be in close proximity to the current location.

In fact, many of us believe that we can relocate our Temple – one of the ‘Oldest Temples’ – to become one of the Best and Biggest Temples in Greater Manchester!

However, this vision of the Best & Biggest Temple will not be fulfilled by a few or many – rather, this will involve steadfast hard-work, dedication, and commitment of every Hindu that we can reach and engage with!

To achieve our dream, we have to share our vision with as many Hindus as possible – far and wide. Firstly, we have to find a suitable premises. How big will the premises be? Will it be an old premises adapted to our needs or will it be new-built? How much will our New Temple cost? Answers to these and many related questions will depend on how much money we have. We have some, but we have to collect more.

  • We need to approach each & everyone in our Hindu community – as well as businesses – large & small.
  • Seek sponsorship in kind – e.g., Deities’ Murtis, commemorative plaques.
  • Organise fund-raising events.
  • Funding from the local Government – under social and educational charter.
  • Grants from The National Lottery.
  • Vishv Hindu Parishad & other Hindu organisations anywhere – Worldwide.

As well as initial funding, we need continued support – by Direct-Debit or Standing-Order – to sustain our Temple, especially in the early stages of settling in the new premises. Our success depends on our ability to reach out to each and every Hindu in Greater Manchester and beyond.


Every donation, small or big, is important. There will be complete transparency in our fund-collection. We will install a ‘Fund-raising Thermometer’ on the premises (and on our website) to indicate the amount of monies raised at any given time. All funds are fully protected under the auspices of The Charity Commission, with strict and well defined regulations. As we progress, all the latest information including plans & drawings will be updated
promptly on our website.

From acquiring the premises (or land for new built!) to ‘Murti-Sthapnaa’ and Opening Ceremony, every small stage of progress will be documented online for Devotees to see from anywhere in the World!

Please share this web page with your friends & family far & wide — this dissemination of information — ‘spreading of the word’ — is key to us founding a Temple that all Hindus can be proud of!

This wonderful dream to create a Temple, an opportunity like this, to build a Temple doesn’t come easily, or often, in one’s life. We urge everyone to get involved wholeheartedly. Please share this leaflet with your family & friends — and spread this message across all formats of Social Media; and, most importantly, come forward with help. Your contribution is important, but people you connect to this cause and their contributions are equally vital. Also, moving forward, we need help in many areas: Architects, Building tradesmen and even Government officials, for example.

Small contributions from many will make a huge impact. Also, similar projects have attracted gifts from devotees living across the Globe. So let us share our vision, and create a Temple that devotees come to visit from far & wide!

For any further details/information, please contact us or come and talk to us. We must remember that a Temple is an emblem of our spiritual identity and religious strength in the community, in a community where we are greatly outnumbered! Hindus are the most successful ethnic sect in UK and excel in many varied fields. If we all come forward with help, and spread the word, we can create a community Temple that will serve our generations to come.

Let us all unite to make this dream come true.